Daily Review: Day ending in 2024/01/23

Even though I’m still recovering from COVID, I still felt a bit guilty yesterday not being fully “productive.” Of course, I’m trying to extend myself grace. And at the same time, there are other projects — with urgent tasks – that need to continue to be chipped away at, including (but not limited to):

  • My Fox software/system architecture engagement
  • Relocation to London

I also recently rekindled relationships with old friends. In no particular order:

  • Ahmad – one of my best friends from high school. An absolute tennis legend 🎾 and him and I can relate on many facets of life
  • Jason – one of my other best friends from high school. Now a father and ultimately, has a great heart ❤️

I’m working from home, from the upstairs guest bedroom, facing a wall, instead of my standing desk in the living room downstairs, which is a bit too boring and distracting at the same time.