Financial Literacy

What does financial literacy mean? How would I define it? How would others define it? What are the short term goals? Why now? What are the long term goals? What have you tried before? How do you measure progress on this project? Do you need to measure progress on this project?

What’s motivating this project?

Several events are triggering this project. Although I’ve always wanted to gain mastery on financial acumen, I’ve been relying on just earning sufficient amounts to cover expenses (e.g. mortgage, food for family, activivities). However, I’m currently in the midst of a divorce and would like to better understand:

  • How much do I need to earn to support not only myself, but Elliott (and what the court/mediation decides as part of spousal support)
  • Can I afford to dine out? How many times per week/ Up until now, the answer has always been yes. I think I will need to do some cope ahead here because my lifestyle might change. And previously, I could (and often would) say YES to going out eating, perhaps that dynamic will need to change. Is it a set back for my life? Sort of. Maybe?