Relocate to London

My daughter and (soon to be ex) wife relocated to London at the end of June 2023. Originally, the plan was for all of us — as a single family unit — to move together but things changed now that we’re getting a divorced. What hasn’t changed though, is that I want to raise my daughter, to be a present figure. Of course, being divorced and shuffling her between two homes will not be ideal, and at the same, the fragmented house hold unit is the reality. Regardless, I’m going to be there for her, as her dad, not from a distance.

So I’m on this crazy journey of moving to a new country, with no friends or support system. Thankfully, I know the main language (i.e. English). Of course, lots of other challenges along the way including finding a job (or maybe continuing running my business remotely).


  • Find a flat to live in (pending Visa and sell of Renton house)
  • Get a visa to legally live ther (pending – waiting on UK government)
  • Find a dance studio to attend weekly
  • Get the dogs ready to be able to fly over there internationally


January 16, 2028

  • During mediation today, we made some incremental progress — thank God. With the help of the mediator, Jess is now assigned the task of finding (3) real estate agents of her choosing, who will review the pre-inspection and from that list, I’ll choose a single one to help us identify what repairs (if any) and then at the same time, hopefully list the property for us.
  • I’ve sent Jess over the pre-inspection over email, CC’ing our mediator.
  • Visa application is ID: GWF074691068 (see Appendix for where emails are located)

January 08, 2024

  • Just received an email notification from the UK government that they are currently reviewing my passport application. Crossing my fingers and preparing (i.e. cope ahead) for responses that they may have. I’m ready to get close to my daughter



  • You can find all emails related to Visa process in “00 – Move to London” fastmail folder