About me

I’m 35. Vietnamese American. Born and raised in California, but now consider myself based in Seattle (although very soon will be relocating to London). I’m a dog lover, with two dogs: a German Shepherd named Metric and an Australian Shepherd named Mushroom (or as I like to call her, “Shroom”). I’m a dancer, my main style “House Dance”. I’m a tech worker, running my own software consulting business (since 2021).

I’ll update the below photo soon but this graphic captured my family unit, before my (ex) wife and I split up.

Order of appearance from left to right: Mushroom, Me (Matt), Elliott, Jess, Metric
Order of appearance from left to right: Mushroom, Me (Matt), Elliott, Jess, Metric


I’m blessed and honored to work as a software engineer at Amazon Web Services (AWS). The team I’m on is called Blackfoot and we own and operate network devices sitting at the edge of the EC2 Network. In my role here, I get to apply all the neat computer science that I’ve studied and get to apply the craft of writing clean, maintainable, and beautiful code.

My Interests

  • Playing tennis competitively
  • Writing (fiction and non fiction) beautiful prose
  • Reading (mostly non-fiction but my wife has inspired me to read more fiction)
  • Being a good father to both my daughter and dogs
  • Being a good husband to my wonderful wife
  • Computer Science
  • Bridging the gap between theory and practice (in everything I do)
  • Spending time with my close friends and family
  • Watching Grand Slam Tennis
  • High performance dog training
  • Organization skills (digital and physical)
  • Time Management
  • Personal Information Management
  • Psychology
  • Writing Clean Code
  • Writing Robust Code
  • Mentoring
  • Public Speaking

Get in touch with me via e-mail: matt@mattchung.me