Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP)

This project is another way to satisfies my curiosity. I learned about Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP) through my friend, Sophia, who recently (end of 2023) became a certified RMP master.

What turned me on to Reiss Motivation Profile was that it’s one (of many) tools to better understand myself, to develop self-compassion. Through this tool, I’m able to take a step back and observe my behaviors and habits, non-judgmentally. I recall when I met with Andy Dix, the person I’m becoming RMP certified under, and how I felt like he was able to see into my soul: I felt witnessed. Just on the data / results of the test alone, he was able to accurately describe some of my behaviors. Again, with the data alone and only spending like 5 minutes with me. Needless to say, I was blown away.

And for that reason, I myself want to get certified. Learning about RMP will satisfy my curiosity, and at the same time, I think I can really incorporate RMP into my consulting business model. I want to create more social media videos about RMP.

So I’m currently enrolled in an online course. For this course, you have 90 days to complete the entire certification.


  • Read the book “The Reiss Motivation Profile” by Steven Reiss – this is required reading for the online course I’m taking (status: Complete ✅ )
  • Finish the online course by February 2024 – This is the current deadline for the RMP course and I think I can make it! (status: In Progress 👍)


February 06, 2024

It’s 7:25 pm and going to make a little more incremental progress. Right now, I’m at 76% complete. So excited … so close !

February 05, 2024

I’m currently at 62% complete! Making great progress

January 18, 2024

  • At Boon Boona and it’s about 10:12 AM. Going to chip away for a few sections. Progress was at 30% so we’ll see at the end of this study session, re-check the progress percentage.