Daily Review: Day ending in 2024/01/18

Mixed emotions yesterday. For the first time ever in Waacking, I sat out during the group performances. After Tracey taught us a combination, the group of about 40 students or so were divided into three small groups, each group running through the choreography. I was NOT able to remember the choereo for some reason so on one hand, I wanted to be self-compassionate and extend myself some grace to just sit out without shaming myself. At the same time, I got curious: am I avoiding this right now as to avoid shame and potentially reinforcing avoidant behavior? Probably a combination of both.


  • 10:25am – Chipping away at RMP. I’m reading an academic paper and just feel grateful for attending graduate school since one of the key skills I gained during that time was this: reading academic papers. You don’t just read it from top to bottom. The recommendation is that you start with the abstract, jump to the conclusion, and reading the first couple sentences for each major section. This way of reading closely resembles the X-ray methodology prescribed in the book, “How to read a book”