Daily Review: Day ending in 2024/01/08

Recap of yesterday

Last night, I along with other dance friends went roller skating at Electro Skate. I had such a blast. Although the days leading up to it, I was looking forward to the event, I didn’t anticipate how much I would enjoy skating with other adults to the music. On top of all of that, a woman (about 70 years) old — highly skilled and it was obvious she had been skating for a while – rolled right up next to me said “I’ve been watching you tonight and I love how you are moving and dancing to the music.” I felt flattered since this was the first time I roller skated (not bladed, which I’ve done for years as a child) and that’s something I recognized about myself recently: I love challenging myself and going for things, even when I’m sure how they are going to turn out. In addition to feeling so elate and happy throug the evening, there were moments of fear as well. Fear of falling. Fear of embarassing myself. And I just kept on with opposite action: the more I lean to it, the easier it will get. It’s essentially exposure theory (I just had a random thought: I could’ve crashed and fell down hard and just gotten the worst out of the way, as a forcing function).

Before roller skating last night (event went from 7:45 – 11:00pm, I stayed until about 10:20pm), I traveled from Renton up to Edmonds, where I joined in a group stretching session at a (tricking) gym called Axis 45. It was fucking brutal, the stretching exercise. Stretching is my actual worst nightmare; my hamstrings feel like strings on a guitar, constant tension. They are (one of) the weakest links in my body. So this 2024, I’m hoping I can both mobilize them and strengthen them. I really do think that by unlocking my hamstrings, some of my physical pain (especially around the outer knee) will dissipate and some dance limitations (like pistol squating and cramping in the quadraceps) will lift.

And before roller skating, I had taken the dogs to Greenlake for a walk around the entire loop on this rainy day. After the walk, their legs and chests were covered in mud, their fur basically brown. So I drove over to Rub a Dub (5 minutes from greenlake), where I got turned away (I didn’t even need to cope ahead and I used DEARMAN on the spot — go me for pushing them instead of fearing rejection) since they were fully booked with appointments. Because they were rammed, I ended up going to the Soggy Dog Wash in Kent and recorded a video (hopefully I can upload and share here soon).


I’ve been procrastinating on a few items, including submitting some labor and industry (L&I) and tax related documents for Crossbill. I’d like to get that out of the way since it unnecessarily occupies real estate in my brain, fear of forgetting, stress of it feeling like it’s out of my control when it’s not. In addition, I want to review my project list (here on this blog).