Daily Review: Day ending in 2024/01/02

Okay, I’m officially back and blogging. Although I think ever year I jump back on the writing wagon, every year — every attempt — differs slightly. This year, I have a better, improved understanding of myself (and I hope that with every passing year, the understanding of self increases as well).

Today is the first day “back in the office”, the first day I am jumping back into “work”. To be honest, it’s more challenging to work these days, with every going on in my life. In particular, the divorce itself occupies a large space in my brain.

To manage my “perfection” — high degree of acceptance, aversion to rejection essentially — I’m (re)building a new muscle, a new habit. Try and post. Every day. Not up to standard?

That’s okay.

Do it anyways.

Wise Mind

  • Instead of starting a brand new blog from scratch (which I had to really fight the urge to do), I resurrected this one here since creating a new blog (while fun) is merely a distraction and an activity I find that I do almost every year
  • Constantly checked in with wise mind when I’m with my dad
  • Used DEARMAN with while talking to mom on the phone today, while driving on the I-5 N towards the Visa appointment. Had to ask her and use lots of describe and expression opinion (I’m constantly working on this), requesting that she keep that conversation private, between her and I since the default (I’ve observed) is that when I’m telling her something sensitive, historically she’s had a tendency to share it with others (including the people that I’m specifically wanting to not want her to share with)

Radical Acceptance

  • When I blog, I’m more productive
  • I don’t really revisit or review my daily reviews – that’s fine. The purpose, right now (I think) is to brain dump 🧠 to get thoughts and ideas out of my head and on to paper (or somewhere I can refer to later on)

Today’s timeline

  • Woke up at 4:00am (still fighting jet lag and slept last night at about 6:30pm the night before)
  • Hopped on a call with Fox (current customer) to check-in since it’s the holidays and last couple weeks have been quite quiet
  • Gathered documents for visa appointment – Checked my work calendar and scrambled because forgot that today was the day to head to the global visa center to submit my bio-metric and paperwork for my parental visa
  • Drove to South Lake Union & Attended Visa appointment – I overestimated, paying for 2 hours of parking off of 5th street, even though the entire appointment ended up taking like 15 minutes since I had uploaded majority of documents earlier this mroning
  • Published two Instagram stories – one story from New Years Eve, the second story with me and Elliott building the ginger bread house in the Durham road house in London
  • Drove to Lincoln Square South – worked remotely from the Dote Coffee Bar and ordered a London Fog (and a bottle of vanilla syrup for about $18.00) with soy milk
  • Walked over to Bellevue Square and picked up a jacket from Timbaland – Purchased a $200.00 jacket with down goose. I had lost the green jacket that I had purchased in London, leaving it at Wagamama (I called their management today); oh yea, also enabled t-mobile international calling plan for $15 per month
  • Drove back home for lunch and ate leftovers — pad see eew,  rice, chicken wings – from Maiya’s birthday party
  • Drove to Boon Boona to continue working for a couple hours
  • Put together a quick DRAFT for upcoming 1:1 private with Amanda – she has asked for what I was looking for in the flexibility training. So I spent about 7 minutes on this Google Doc (nothing sensitive here, so it’s open to the public)
  • Drove home and ate leftovers (same as lunch) – while eating dinner, watched about 15-20 minutes of the twins show on Netflix where one twin eats an omnivorous diet while the other twin eats a plant based (i.e. vegan) diet
  • Used the FAST interpersonal skill with dad – I’m constantly checking in with my wise mind when I’m around my dad, since being around him I still feel like I’m walking on egg shells. This has always been the case, just more aware of it these days.
  • Walked the dogs around the neighborhood – evening stroll from the house to the local park and back
  • Spent the rest of the evening updating my blog – took me about 30 minutes to figure how to how to remove the side column / second column (basically just deleted all the sections under the widget) and the configured some new tags for daily reviews