Daily Review: Day ending in 2024/01/03

It’s almost 10:00 pm but I’m starting to write this blog post. Tomorrow, my main intentions include:

Chief Definite Aims

  • Chip away at the Reiss motivation profile (RMP) online course – I finished reading the book last week and before the timer runs out (I have a few weeks left, thanks to Andy) I want to wrap up the course
  • Resolve / Response to 1836 Property management – need to respond to the latest email and review the cost of the initial repair
  • Sign divorce petition – I have 22 days from the moment it was served and I think that’s coming up soon
  • Fox related work
  • Review work delivered by my contractors (marketing go-to-market, cloud development kit changes, branding website)

What I did

  • Woke up at 4:30 am (a bit tired, Metric was wiggling in bed and I think blogging late at night disrupted my sleep), did my paired muscle relaxation, breathing and focus exercises, cold shower and a hot bathe to reduce my subjective units of distress (SUDs) baseline and start the day of more relaxed, physically and mentally
  • Performed my morning facial / skin care routine, applying butter and oil to my face and hands. Today, I skipped putting in hair growth since I have an appointment with the DMV later this morning (at about 9am) to take a new photo and I want to avoid a shiny forehead, if possible
  • Signed the divorce petition and followed up with Jess as well as my lawyers
  • Sent Martin the video of me and Elliott building a gingerbread house, since he doesn’t use social media
  • Followed up with Ankit and provided him feedback (over Slack) regarding tracing the calls in the distributed system
  • Drove to Kent for my 9:30 appointment with the DMV. Super smooth. Walked in at about 9:15, waited a grand total of like 5 minutes, and then she snapped my photo and I paid (in cash) $10.00. My license should arrive in about 2 weeks. Amazing. I wished I could’ve kept my glasses on though!
  • From Kent, drove to Boon Boona (where I’m currently at, typing this out) and used my free Boon Boona card that Alec gave me last night (he’s really sweet and thoughtful), after sharing with him that I’m in the midst of a divorce
  • I answered Ankit a bit over Slack and then spent a few cycles playing catch up on the Reiss Motivational Profile (RMP); I sent Andy an email, telling him I spotted an error in the textbook and he agreed. I also finished like 6-7 sections in module (Lesson) 1.
  • Also, I scheduled (for $700) a pre-inspection for the house; although I’m still waiting on Jess to confirm with their lawyers that we can move forward with the sale of the house, she hasn’t responded yet. They inspector will arrive at 3:30 pm instead of the originally scheduled 4:00 pm. Also, I’m using Titan Inspection, a recommendation from my sister (Michelle), and the whole process has really smooth. You can tell they invested in automation. From booking, scheduling, and payment; automated text messages and emails. Fantastic. Would highly recommend
  • For lunch, ate Pho at the restaurant across the street from Boon Boona; Pho is okay, hits the spot and quick and easy. Plus the Vietnamese waiter guy is friendly and him and I have good chats. After, picked up (2) macaroons from Macadon, one cookies and cream and the other Vietnamese coffee. Complimented the woman on her shoulder cut brown t-shirt and how she’s getting more into fashion. Aren’t we all?
  • Watched about 45 minutes of the twin study (I love twins!) and having the urge to return back to a vegetarian lifestyle again. Maybe not vegan, but perhaps vegetarian. At the same time, I feel healthier more than ever and with intermittent fasting, wonder if I’ll feel weak. When I transition to vegetarian, the last few times, I end up getting excruciating migraines.
  • In the evening, worked more on Fox related tasks
  • At about 6:00, walked the dogs (it was dark and rainy) and talked to Jeannie on the phone, our discussions revolving around mental health, emotional intelligence, me moving to London to raise Elliott, her three degrees (she’s an Md) including a masters in biochemistry (what an amazing brainiac she is), her insatiable thirst for learning
  • Then at 6:30pm, I drove from Renton to the international district (ID), picked up a naked burrito bowl (from the food truck) and then at 7:00 (until 11:00pm — cannot believe I stayed out so late on a weekday) took Orb and Free’s breakdancing/house workshop. This was the third class in their 3-part series and although I missed the first two, I was eager to take the third. And while I appreciate their dedication to doing this for the community, for me, I felt the class fell short of my expectations and was a little disappointed. That being said, seeing everyone in the community — hugging them, little chats — really filled up my social contact
  • Got home at about 11:30 and hit the stack at 12:00am.