Daily Review: Day ending in 2024/02/13

Yesterday’s highlights

  • Spouse agreed to sell our Renton house – for the past month or so, I’ve felt so much stress financially and been waiting on my (soon to be ex) wife agreeing to sell our (Seattle/Renton) house and thankfully that’s now underway
  • No hesitation of hugging a friend who burst into tears  – my friend L burst into tears yesterday (after a conflict she had had with her partner) and historically, I’ve let my fear (and old habits) stop me from providing intuitive support. More specifically, in the past, I would just sort of stand there and sympathesize however in this situation, that level of support didn’t match the intensity of her pain. So with very little hesitation, I mindfully just opened up my arms, and offered a hug, and held on to her while she cried. Thank you DBT (and my therapist Lauren) for helping me lean in and trust myself and rebuild/reconstructo neural love pathways