Learning how to build a personal brand (two books I picked up)

I want to learn how to better market myself and what it means to create my own personal brand and how I might be able to apply these marketing skills in my career (as a software developer and computer scientist) and as a writer. Because I do wonder what sort of impact and influence I would have if I applied even an ounce of marketing or branding.

I’m planning on sinking my teeth into two different marketing books. My guitar instructor had recommended Seth Godin’s This is Marketing and a hacker news user recommended an e-book titled Authority by (someone I’ve never heard of) named Nathan Barry. I’ll take a crack at these two books and report back on the main takeaways and whether or not I recommend you reading them.

At this moment in time, I have no clue what it means to build a personal brand (in all honestly I don’t even know what a personal brand means). Nonetheless, I do think learning about a little marketing and branding (really what’s the difference between the two) will be a worthwhile, non-technical skill to develop since I’d like down the line to become a full time writer and teacher and think marketing and branding will play a key role in making that happen.