Getting older

I was standing outside the car, wiping the dogs’s feet when I overheard a voice.

“Are you a young lady or a man?”

Did I hear him right? I continued wiping my dogs’s feet and responded:

“Well, HER name is Metric. And SHE’S a German Shepherd.” I wanted to make it clear that that we were talking about the dog.

“NO”, he responded confidently. “I’m asking YOU if you are a BOY or GIRL.”

I turned to Jessica, my fiancée, who was sitting in the car, laughing uncontrollably. I started laughing too.

You see, I suddenly realized that the the old man was confused by my long hair and it didn’t help that my back was turned to him.

I couldn’t get mad at him. He spoke his mind – something I fervently believe in.

Zero Inhibition

Old people speak their minds. It’s the same for kids. In Master of None, there’s a scene where two kids enter an ice cream shop and start pointing people out by their skin color:

“Black. White. Yellow. Black. Black.”

Can you imagine an adult saying that (only person I can think of is my Viet Grandma).

I am constantly trying to find the balance of thinking twice before saying something and being assertive. It’s an ongoing battle.